Musical Journey

My journey in music started when I was just a little girl, sitting on my mom’s lap while she played the piano, singing in church choirs whilst my dad conducted, or maybe it began even before that when my mom was playing music to me while still in her tummy.  But whatever it was music is now a true part of me.

Two years ago, after a long period of silence, I decided that the time is right for me to peruse my dream of sharing music with the world.  As any artist journey go, I also started at the bottom, mostly with performances at open mic nights and charity event such as Cansa Relay for Life.  Long story short we all have to start somewhere.

Vasti Female Vocal Artist

I decided then that I will make 100% sure I do a range of charity performances every year as this is where I started and I need to stay the same person that made this decision. Being with people that are  close to Him and always humble will help me to keep my feet grounded and to stay true to who I am.

In the two years I have reach heights in my music careers that I never though was even possible. Performing at KKNK 2014 was absolutely amazing but nerve wrecking and being able to perform at Innibos 2014 is going to be a dream come true. Over the next few weeks I will also be performing at various Old Age Homes & children’s homes across Nelspruit (charity performances) and I am so thankful to be able to assist my community. I might not be able to assist with clothes or food or even shelter but I can take them away from their current situations for just an hour.

I have no idea how my journey forward will be, all I know is that with Him by my side all is possible.

Music is my journey and my destination is unknown. 

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3 thoughts on “Musical Journey

  1. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you have a bright future ahead of you… keep at it the way you are and things always come to those that persevere… and no one can accuse you of not persevering… I’m proud of you and will be doing a few posts of my photo captures of you at the festival… I will link this post to those posts… got some good photos of you doing your moves…

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